Yvonne North - Toowoomba


I started on the A.G.E. Pill on the 13th October 2017 and added RIPT about 10 days later.  I first found an increase in energy and noticed that no matter what I did at the gym, I didn’t get sore muscles at all.  Nearly 12 months on I have added many more Sisel products such as the TOL, 4 Restore, Body Shield, TSX, Balance D plus some other products like washing my fruit & vegetables in OrganiCleanse, using Sisel Laundry Detergent and the Sapphire Shampoo & Conditioner.  I have also done 2 Supra Detox’s. I now use a lot of skin products such as Actify 6000, Rapid Repair, SkinDu and Transfusium. I couldn’t feel better that I do right now and my skin feels fantastic. I rarely see a doctor and when I look around me I know that I’m by far the healthiest woman of my age and healthier than many women younger than me.  I have boundless energy and can lift weights heavier than most of the women that attend my gym.  I work out 5 days a week for at least 2 hours then can go straight to tennis and play 3 sets without a break.   I am so pleased that I am able to take and use these Sisel products and try to tell everyone how wonderful they are.

Keith Wilkins - Toowoomba


Keith Wilkins – 5th September 2018 Update  • 11 months now, I have been taking the A.G.E Pill. After seeing how fast the results came from taking the A.G.E Pill, I then added Ript and Fire and Ice Tea to the mix.  • My hearing has improved so much there is now no need for a hearing Aid.  • I am 5 kgs lighter and this is the first time in 35 years that I have been under 100 KGs... • I can do 60 push ups on the floor with 3 reps of 20. • 11 months ago I could not do one. • I have uninterrupted sleep night after night. No visits to the toilet • Skin is much smoother. • Improved strength in all departments. What else can I say? • Aches and pains are a thing of the past.  • Wake up every day with the energy to want to do things. • I think this is pretty good for 68 year old. • Thanks to Tom Mower and his magical SISEL products.

Walter Zimmer- Parracombe - SA


Walter the Herbalist and Naturopath ADHS.  30 years ago, I was given 2years to live. 50 years ago, I had chemical poisoning, massive stress and was overworked. As a child I was semi- paralysed but refused to give in. Wouldn't wish my life upon anyone, of course there are many worse than me, the pain and suffering has taught me much about pain and illness.  My enjoyment in life has been helping others where no one else was able to do so. I have had 20 years of kidney stones joint problems plus. I had 5 years of no stones then crash. BP 230/140 heart disease, liver, lungs etc, I made a natural brew 4 large kidney occlusion – had an ultrasound one stone left – lost 3 in three weeks felt half dead. Three weeks after had 2 cataracts removed, long sight good but couldn't read.  I took 3 A.G.E pills last night, woke up 4.30 am, went for 5k walk - forgot straps under knees for carriage pain- didn't notice they were missing – no pain, walked at double pace, no kidney pain. A truck had bogged in the back yard in wet clay. I had it towed out leaving massive trenches, l haven't been able to do any shovel work for six months let alone working in the rain for 2.5 hrs, I got tired but, worked surprisingly well, I was impressed, no muscle pain and stiffness as I expected, but the heart lung kidney pain stamina was unbelievable! I took 3 more A.G.E pills with plenty of water and had a 5k walk. I never thought l could feel so good again at 69 yes of age. l'm actually stunned!  Many thanks to Keith and Vonnie for always reaching out to help me. Walter.

Ros Irwin - Kilcoy


 I have been taking the A.G.E. pill for 9 months. The date I started my journey to better health was 1st of November 2017. I then added Fucoydon and Resvertrol on the 27th December 2017. Since that time I have had vast improvements with my overall health and energy.  Having been a diabetic for 20 years and now insulin dependent with a decline in my kidney function, I can now state that my latest routine blood tests show my kidneys are definitely improving and that health issue is paramount to any diabetic. My cholesterol levels are also within normal range.  The first improvement I became aware of was the GORD or reflux that would keep me up at night, unable to lie down because of the discomfort and this then lead to taking of prescription medication and over the counter drugs. I no longer need these medications for reflux.   My sleep pattern has improved greatly, most nights I only wake up once and go straight back to sleep whereas before I would be up several times and awake for hours. Now I wake up with energy and look forward to the daily activities and never need naps during the day.   The improvement with the tone and texture of my skin has been noticed even by my husband.  Other health issues were constant back pain due to a back injury from lifting patients during my nursing career. I also have arthritis in both knees and I would be woken at night with aches and pains and had to take over counter drugs to obtain relief. I now no longer take any form of analgesics for backache or knee pain and can walk without constant discomfort.  I took 12 A.G.E pills a day for 2 months, now back to 6 pills a day as well as Fucoydon and Resvertrol two to three times a day. I also take Fire and Ice to assist me with weight loss and reduce my intake of food. My age is 71 years young.  

Narelle Schubert -Toowoomba


Narelle Schubert - Toowoomba  I am so very happy. Here is my before and after photos after taking the AGE pill. As you can see the one on the left shows my face was red and I was certainly looking my age and feeling it too. I spoke to a friend of mine Keith and he suggested that I try this new product. I am so glad I did. I have not seen Keith for about 6 months and when I saw him I could not believe how well he lookedwell he looked. I received my AGE bottle and within 5 days I felt more relaxed, had a lot more energy,and was sleeping better. I started the AGE pill on the 16th October had my hair cut and now my hair is so much more healthy and thicker, my skin is softer and my laugh lines (that’s my name for wrinkles ) have lessened. My eyes are brighter. I can not thank Sisel enough for this product and I will be adding more wonderful products to my shopping list this month. Thank you Keith.

Kelly Pohlman - Gatton


Kelly Pohlman - Gatton - QLD  For many years I had a lot of problems from headaches, back and neck pain (I had to wear a back brace at work) vision problems, extreme lethargy, speech problems and forgetfulness. In July 2015 I went numb from my chest down and decided it was time to change doctors and surgeries completely as the doctors kept telling me there was nothing wrong with me.   On my second visit to my new doctor I was sent straight to a neurologist. By my 33rd birthday in October 2015 I had a diagnosis. Multiple sclerosis! Now I knew I wasn’t going silly anymore and there was a reason for everything.   The neuro wanted me to start taking the drug Gilenya, and the side effects of that scared me as it would completely knock my immune system out. Not good for me as I have been working in a nursery for the last 23 years and I am surrounded by dust, dirt and chemicals daily. I didn’t know if I would be able to work there anymore so that’s why I was relieved when my uncle John Watson came to me in November 2015 and introduced me to stem cell nutrition. Let’s just say I felt that much better that I refused the medication from my neuro for as long as I could. I hadn’t felt this good in years! But by March my neuro won and made me start having Tysabri infusions every 4 weeks.   In October 2017 I joined Sisel - it was the best move ever! I take 60ml of FuCoyDon and 6 to 9 age pills daily (depending on if I have a big day at work). I now feel like nothing can stop me. I no longer have any of my past problems and my yearly MRI’s show that some of my lesions have either disappeared or the inflammation around them has gone down. So yes, these products do work with my MS infusions Tysabri. I can honestly say I will continue using these products for life as compared to before, I now feel alive!


Shirley Cislowski - Bundaberg


Shirley Cislowski - 3rd October 2018  I’ve been on blood pressure medication and others for 2 years until the doctors took me off all medications 2 weeks ago. I was petrified about going off them but it was doctor’s orders. I was advised that I was to have a defribulator or a pacemaker at the end of this year but I do not want any of these procedures. I had been taking the AGE Pill for a short period of time but had run out. I have a bundle branch block and I have been advised that it will take about 6 months to clear the blockage by my naturopath. I now take the AGE Pill, 4 Restore, Eternity, Fucoydon, Brain Vitality and SupraOmegas. I have only been on all of these for a fortnight and this morning my blood pressure was 140/84. I have much increased energy, minimal joint pain and less weight to carry around (I was 122kgs at one stage), and now I feel more alive. Shirley

Max Brighton's - Journey


Kate Brighton  December 6, 2017 ... Hi Im back. Max had a pet scan and we got the results yesterday. Last report his cancer was in his lymph nodes and chest and lungs not looking as good also with changes due to his cancer. We are so pleased. His cancer is no longer in his chest, his lungs are great and in his lymph nodes have really shrunk. Thats not bad for a cancer that should be progressing. Next time we hope we will have beaten it all together. Encologist kept saying CAN'T GET OVER HOW GOOD HE LOOKS.

Max Brighton's - Journey


  Kate Brighton -September 8 at 6:01pm  My husband Max Brighton has battled cancer for almost 7 years. We didnt believe he was going to get through. In Feb 2017 we started Max on Sisel. 10 of the triangle daily for 4 months. Also the Water Machine and calcium. We were told Max's organs could not withstand 100mg of steroids daily then slowly reducing to 50 mg a day. A long battle. ANYWAY I phoned his specialist on monday as she said Kate, "It's amazing, Max's organs are in perfect order." Isn't that just fabulous. We still have a problem with high inflamation but we are doing good. Now we have Max on the TSX and the AGE and he still takes the triangle twice a day. He does look fabulous. Thankyou Tom Mower as these products are really changing our lives.

Rick Collings - Melanoma


Rick Collings - 5th October 2018 - Oakey Qld  In June 2017 I was diagnosed with Melanoma and had one removed from my back. In August 2017 had some scans done and it revealed that I had 13 more melanomas. I started taking the AGE Pill on around 15th October 2017 and had my next appointment in November2017 and I was told that one on top of my head had become smaller so I told them that I would come back in January 2018 as I was trying something natural namely Fucoydon . When I came back in January he looked at one under my arm and told me it was 2cm but in November is was 4cm so I said I will see you in April. In April he said it looked like the one under the arm had grown another node but I said I wanted to continue with what I was doing and said I will be back in July. Scans revealed everything were getting smaller or disappearing all together. I have Just left the Hospital 5th November 2018 cancer free no more visits for cat scans and fine needle biopsies. I am on way home to celebrate

James O'Keefe - Weight loss


Laura Dalessio Baccini - From a good friend James OKeefe...his journey to a healthier life using Sisel products, a lifestyle change, and someone to talk with! Jimmy's wife Anne Marie is his biggest cheerleader and helped him with this major journey!  Happy 6th weight-loss anniversary and I didn’t have to eat salads every day to lose weight. I began my weight-loss journey on October 1, 2012 and 1000 days later I had lost 252 lbs, dropped 18 pant sizes, finished 1st in the men's division of age 35 years or older in a triathlon, and learned a ton about healthy lifestyle changes. Let me tell you how a broken foot and a phone call changed my life. In April 2012, I was having my annual physical. When I stepped on the scale my weight registered at 485 pounds. My PCP picked up the telephone and made an appointment in the Weight Loss Department for me to see if I qualified for gastric bypass surgery. When my PCP hung the phone up I remember her saying, "Jim, if you want to see your 60th birthday, I hope you qualify for this surgery." I went through the program and qualified for the surgery and had a surgery date of October 20, 2012. But... On September 11th while attending a Red Sox game against the Yankees I broke my left foot when standing up for the 7th inning stretch. Because of this, my surgery date was put off until January 2013. It was the next day that I called my friend, Ray Hutchison who lost 65 pounds in 60 days. I asked him what did he do to lose the weight and if he would help me. I told him I really wanted to avoid the surgery. His response was, "Yes, I'll help you but, Jim, it's important to look at the bigger picture, not just a number on a scale." He recommended me to start drinking a meal replacement protein drink called SiseLEAN. I also followed the three most common pieces of advice he gave me when it comes to weight loss: journaling my food, move more and water intake. For most of my adult life, I never ate breakfast — I just drank a Diet Coke and ate a couple of muffins, usually chocolate chip. I thought the less I ate, the more weight I would lose, but eating more has actually helped me lose weight. Having the meal replacement SiseLEAN kept me fuller longer and I stopped snacking on random (bad) foods throughout the day. I am not a gym person and I knew that trying to eat healthy ALONG WITH exercising heavily every day would be too much for me at once. Instead, Ray Ray recommended me to move more by walking once my foot cast was removed. I live on a hill and started by walking up the hill made it just past my next door neighbors house before wanting to lay down and roll down the hill hoping I didn't roll pass my driveway. The first time felt like an eternity, but the more I did it, and the easier it became, I now enjoy this (mostly) peaceful hour to myself.  The baby steps count! I didn’t give up on myself when times got rough. I remember four days into my journey, I found myself crying hysterically after getting a text from my Ray Ray that read: "Jim, You got this. Just keep doing what your doing and you'll be fine.".... I was up one pound and after talking to my wife that he has no clue (haha), I was about to quit. She told me to call him. After talking to Ray I agreed I'd give it one more week if no results than I would quit. Seven days later I was down 12 lbs. I stopped eating seamlessly and forced myself to learn how to cook my favorite foods with healthy substitutes. I learned to celebrate non-scale victories. While it's definitely a motivator to see the scale move down, it's really about the other victories that make the lifestyle change so much more worth it. Things like being able to participate in a triathlon, shopping at places other than the Big & Tall Men's Shop, finally being able to sit comfortably in my seat at Fenway Park; those little things are incredible measures of success. On days when I feel like there's no change from two months earlier, I look at before and after pictures. When you see your body every day it's hard to notice changes. And if you're a bigger person, like me, it's even more difficult to see significant transformations in the mirror. That is why you must depend on those non-scale victories and take a look at how far you've come! My suggestion to you, if you are just starting out, take progress pictures! It's so refreshing to see how much happier and more confident you are in later pictures. So if you are looking to make a lifestyle change, or perhaps you've already begun, just remember to do this for yourself because you want to — not because you feel pressured to. If you are truly happy with your mind, body, and soul, OWN IT! If you are putting on a facade to hide your unhappiness, then maybe it's time to take control. Don't let anyone or anything bring you down — just take it slow and enjoy the ride. It's not a race! It's all about balance! Oh by the way, I never had the gastric bypass surgery. My starting weight 485. My current weight is 173.8!!! If I can do it...YOU CAN DO IT! James OKeefe

Bill De Falco - Amazing results


Bill DeFalco - Testimonial October 23, 2014 When I first started taking SISEL's Products at age 58 back in August of 2009 I had numerous health issues, one of which was that my PSA Score was at 3.9 (the PSA Score is the prime indicator in men for the potential of getting Prostate Cancer and the "Red Line" number on the gauge is 4.0 - a PSA Score higher them 4.0 indicates an increased risk of Prostate Cancer). So I was only 0.1 below the "Red Line" at the time I first discovered SISEL.  Being very much concerned about my very high PSA Score (especially since my doctor was not able to suggest anything that could lower my PSA Score) I was so glad to have discovered such a remarkable product as FuCoyDon Intensified, as I believed it could help to lower my PSA Score, per all of the research I had done on fucidan up to that point. The problem was that prior to my learning about SISEL International I could not find a fucoidan supplement that did not have trace amounts of toxins (like Arsenic) in it. So I just avoided using fucoidan supplements altogether until SISEL came into my life and brought me the first and only fucoidan supplement that was purified of the trace toxic substances found in all other fucoidan supplements.  Needless to say I started taking a shot of FuCoyDon Intensified each night before bed. Why before bed? Because if you are taking the minimum 3/4 ounce serving daily it's best to take it before bed for many reasons, including that it will help you to sleep better. And getting a better night's sleep will help you to wake up more refreshed, and have more energy throughout the day. At the same time, I told my brother about FuCoyDon Intensified (he's a year older than me) and I suggested that he might want to take it as well because his PSA Score was also close the "Red Line" like mine - but he blew the suggestion off.  A year later - my PSA Score Plummeted to 1.9 - which greatly impressed my doctor, who told me during an exam where we were going over my most recent blood test report - that the norm for men in my age group (55+) is for the PSA Score to either hover around the same number, or more typically - it will gradually increase with age, but, he's never seen it go down. The dramatic drop in my PSA Score prompted him to perform a search through his entire database of medical records for men in my age group. Through this search he discovered that I was the ONLY male in the entire database for this very large Medical Group in my area whose PSA Score Dropped Significantly. Knowing that I was taking nutritional supplements he asked me if there was any specific new supplement that I had been taking since the last PSA Score test. I told him that after my last annual PSA Score was done, that I started taking SISEL's FuCoyDon Intensified.  Just after getting the Great News from my doctor about my PSA Score Plummeting from 3.9 down to 1.9 - my brother, who a year earlier elected to pass on my suggestion of taking FuCoyDon Intensified, got some Shocking News at his latest medical checkup: his latest PSA Score had Skyrocketed to 12.0 - mandating an immediate (and painful) Biopsy Procedure of his Prostate gland. The Biopsy came back Positive for Prostate Cancer, and he had to undergo surgery to have his Prostate gland removed and following that, he had to endure the discomfort of wearing an inserted catheter for two weeks. After all was said and done - he regretted not taking me up on my advice. He has since joined SISEL and now takes a shot of FuCoyDon Intensified each night before bed as a preventive health measure.


Christy Kopecky - August 1 2018


Christy Kopecky August 1 at 1:51 AM  If you aren’t using Sisel products and taking back your health, YOU are totally missing out!!   Testimony from my friend Mary K Anderson  Here's a visual share. I've been using AGE about a year steadily the last 6 months and added Ript earlier this month.   Picture on left was taken in March.  Picture on right was taken this morning. forgot to tell you my age is 62 in both. I will be 63 next month. Mary.   So I say to you, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? It’s about consistency! Taking back your health is not an overnight fix, it takes patience and determination and it also takes removing dangerous chemicals and toxins from your life!!   Aging is decay and degeneration of our cells, this is what happens when you can support the reversal of that process!!   Let’s do this!! I’m happy to help you in your journey too! Just message me!! ChristyGrowing Younger with the Age Pill Episode out Tuesday on YouTube

Bill DeFalco - Heart Disease


Bill DeFalco - battling Heart Disease for over 32 years  .  This past Saturday, Aug 11  2018- I reached yet another major milestone - I celebrated my 67th Birthday. Very Impressive for a guy who 9 years ago at age 58 was going rapidly downhill after fighting a losing battling Heart Disease for over 32 years. I had just had my 4th Angioplasty over the prior 12 years and had a 6th Stent implanted into one of my coronary arteries to help improve blood flow to my heart. I could literally feel those Stents in me and I was especially aware of them when walking upstairs or when walking up an incline. With the medical background that I acquired in my college studies and my knowledge of the inner workings of the human body - I was absolutely convinced that shoving Stents into arteries that are clogged with plaque is not the solution to the problem but only a temporary stop-gap measure.   I was so weak after that 6th Stent procedure back there in May of 2009 that I didn't think I was going to make it to age 60. I agonized about whether I'd live long enough to see my two incredible sons graduate from college. But then - three months later in August of 2009 - I had the Great Fortune of discovering Sisel International - and what an incredible time to have made this discovery - right around the time when Tom Mower and his team of scientists introduced Eternity - the first ever High Potency High Efficacy Resveratrol Supplement made with a Patented Resveratrol Delivery System that maintains the Potency and Efficacy that is depleted by upwards of 98% in all other "Resveratrol Supplements" by oxidation - by the time those supplements reach the end consumer.  Long story short - after years of trying just about every "Resveratrol Supplement" I could get my hands on and not having any improvement in my heart health per my regularly scheduled blood tests that I was having every 4 months, which showed no improvement in my Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels - after just 6 weeks on Eternity, a blood test indicated the lowest Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels in my (then) 32-year recorded medical history of those levels. My doctor and I were both stunned - and when the next scheduled blood test 4 (months later) indicated the same low levels, I was able to work out a 12-month plan to get weaned off the heart medication and to make what my doctor called in his own words: "A Spectacular Recovery from Heart Disease!"  Not only did I get to see my two sons graduate from college, but now I am looking forward to my older son's wedding this September and my younger son's wedding in November of 2019. In fact - with How Incredible I look and feel after being on The A.G.E. PILL for a year now, I'm looking forward to another 30 years or more of Vibrant, Healthy Life ahead of me. What more can I say but THANK YOU Tom Mower and Sisel International for giving me an extraordinary new lease on life! And now you know why I am a Partner for Life in The Mower Mission!peaceful to as he doesn't cry like a baby all the time now and a few gray hairs that he had in his fur are gone

Jackie Christiansen - Skin


Jackie Christiansen    May 18 2018 Transfusium and AGE Pill Results!  The photo on the right is me 5 years older than the photo on the left. I am continuing to see visible results using the Transfusium Skin Care now for 5 years+. I've added the A.G.E. Pill to my daily regime and am experiencing remarkable visible results. I call it beauty from the outside in (Transfusium) and from the inside out (AGE Pill). I have never in my life found anything so powerful as this combo. What a one-two punch against aging!

90 year old woman


Cynthia Murphy 9th November 2017  I am very excited after taking my 90-year-old Mother to her doctor today for her routine checkup. She has high blood pressure, cholesterol, hypothyroid and some kidney issues. When I felt the timing was right I ask him if he knew what Glycation and Lipofuscin were and he said no. I told him what it was and how this is a product that helps repair and regenerate the stem cells. I then told him it is helping people who are experiencing high blood pressure, cholesterol, and multiple other ailments. I handed the bottle of AGE to my Mother to hand to the Doctor. He read the ingredients and read everything written on the bottle very carefully and said "there's not a thing wrong with this product, there are only excellent ingredients in it" and I said, "I KNOW!!" He was COMPLETELY on board with helping me get her on this and him monitoring her blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, and kidney. He told her this will probably help the kidneys also. He said he wanted her to wait 2 hours in the morning between the AGE and the Thyroid. So we figured it out and we were all happy!! She will also be taking it 1 hour before lunch and 1 hour before dinner. She will be monitoring her blood pressure first thing in the mornings on her own and he told her when her BP drops 10 points to call the office and he is going to start reducing her meds. He also had her schedule her next routine labs but added thyroid into the mix, just so if any of those meds needs adjusting he can do that also. Mom and I were so excited that we went to lunch afterward and celebrated. Earlier my Mom ask "Even at 90"? YES Mom even at 90!!!!!!

Melanie Ward Three applications


Melanie Ward  Three applications of Diatomic Hydrogen water! Can you see the power of this product?? Get it now, no enrollment fee(almost over) and this introductory price of just 29.95 is about to end!!   I am so happy I could pee myself!!!