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14 Year old Black Labrador on the A.G.E Pill


Katie Larking..Milo on an assortment of SISEL products and the A.G.E. PILL  SIGNIFICANT Reduction in grey now and Pulling to go the park my mum has a sore hip... next Milo and Me 

Katie Larkin reports:  1 YEAR later and MILO is going strong. I need to do another video to give an update, and plan to in the next few weeks. In excellent health for her age.. she Can still run and jump at 15 years of age. She is a Labrador. I don't think she would be here if it was not for Sisel International products. THE AGE Pill provides STEM CELL Support for both humans and animals.. Its incredible and there is no other supplement currently available that can do what this product does.Growing Younger with the Age Pill Episode out Tuesday on YouTube

CAT on the A.G.E Pill


Mark Thain‎ - Sisel for Pets  16 hrs ago near Imperial Beach, CA, United States ·   I have put my cat Diego on the age pill and he has become more active and he seems to be more peaceful to as he doesn't cry like a baby all the time now and a few gray hairs that he had in his fur are gone

Oli Wheezing and Sneezing


Melanie Ward · August 7 at 11:25 PM My Oli had a full chest with wheezing, sneezing, weakness, loss of activity and walking humpbacked; But, I trust the science behind Sisel; Therefore, I don't need a vet. A small bottle of the Triangle of life was mixed. I emptied a SupraDetox and Body Shield in it. Next time I am adding the AGE pill because I want him to live a long time. I use a syringe to give him 1-2 CC's. His strength is coming back!

CAT with Greenish bubbles


Carolyn Ayres    February 24... On Wednesday evening my cat was really grumpy when I tried to brush him. Thursday morning I got up and his eyes and nose were streaming, greenish bubbles coming from his nose, so yes an infection he looked a real sorry mess with tear stains down his face dried mucus around his nose. I split open an age pill mixed half in a small amount of water (2/3mls) and gave it to him in a syringe, I repeated this in the evening and again on Friday. Look at him today! And no I haven't washed his face

Dogs and Cats

Vacinations Alaskan Malamute


Michelle Ellen Conneticut 2nd Feb 2018  So many of you know Tina has a 6 year old Alaskan Malamute named Cody. Over a year ago he became very sick shortly after receiving a rabies shot. After vets tried to find proper treatment, change of diet, allergy treatments, yeast treatments, they remained puzzled of his sudden demise and loss of over 30 lbs!   Tina and I sought out specialists to find out what was wrong. Cody's groomer watched every 6 weeks as Cody became sicker and sicker and as clumps/patches of hair fell off his body from sores growing across his belly and back.   The specialist tried various different drugs to help him each one making him worse than before! Thousands of dollars spent with NO answers and NO cure and losing hope! Cody was lethargic, cranky, withdrawn, well under-weight, missing patches of hair and just miserable. He was getting so bad Tina actually began to talk about putting him down. He was suffering!  In a last ditch effort, i was introduced to a holistic product by a friend to help me with my arthritis and pain management. I researched the product and could not find one bad review. I gave it a shot. and in 8-9 days i felt amazing, but that's another story...I decided to use it on Cody. FOUR days after I put him on it he began eating like a horse, 1 week after, he was playing with our other dog and running around hyper like a puppy...1 month after, his sores were dried out and starting to clear up....2 months after, he has grown all his hair back, he has gained to a healthy weight, he has ZERO sores or skin irritations and his ears are crystal clear and clean!   Our Groomer is amazed. Cody has gone to her for a couple years...She witnessed his decline first hand and she is actually the one that showed Tina the skin issues under his mane of thick hair and told her to get him to a vet asap.  I encourage ANYONE that has a dog with issues that vets cant seem to fix TRY THE A.G.E. PILL!   I belong to a FB group with people from all over who have tried this product and rave about it! It works on damn near everything! It CURED Cody's Auto-Immune! By definition Cody is cured!   My arthritis is gone, my back pain is completely gone, no inflammation whatsoever, my gums no longer bleed, my blood pressure is perfect and I feel great physically with endless energy. I went off every other holistic product including cannabis oil. Haven't made it in months! Juicing fresh cannabis leaves gave me so much pain relief but I cant have them 365 days a year! Now i don't need to grow ;) or find people that do.  Most of my close friends are on it and I have seen just miraculous results in all of them! Maybe it can help you or your dog! I know i have tons of animal lovers on my page and this stuff is bar none the most amazing thing i have ever seen!  BTW - Dana (10 year old 7lb Yorkie) HAD sudden horrible allergies to the point I made her dog food myself with organic everything! She was still itchy and miserable! She is also on it and has not had a problem since!

Rhinestone - Dragging hind leg


Renata Vermillion Davis · March 31 · Fay, OK, United States This is my furbaby rhinestone and about three weeks ago he started having problems walking and was dragging his left hind leg. I took him to the vet and it was decided that he had nerve damage and him dragging that leg would lead to wound and infection and could possibly lead to amputation. I immediately went home and started him on the age pill because I have seen so many post with it helping other animals. After the first week he was starting to get his left foot straightened out and under him again. He has been on the age pill for 3 weeks and he is getting better at climbing on the bed and running a little. He still has a ways to go but his progress is amazing! I can't express how grateful I am with his progress. He doesn't mind taking his medicine because he gets it in a treat. Thank you sisel for making such and amazing product.

Took out 161 worms out of her leg


Kizzy Lewis     Good morning here is another testimony..   My puppy Angel was bounced down a month ago.. On Sunday 12th August, 2018 I took out 161 worms out of her leg that morning.. cleaned it took three capsules of the A.G.E. Pill.. Two went into the wound and one I opened and gave her to swallow.. I repeated the process of the capsules daily.. By Thursday 16th August, 2018 the wound was healed..

German Shepards on the A.G.E Pill


Florence Arquitt - August 25 at 3:00 AM  ...  My first testimony on the AGE Pill is with my German Shepherds.   I’ve had German Shepherds my whole life & they have allot of genetic issues. Mine have always been fed an excellent food & supplements, however I still lost me “Carlie” to a spleen tumor 6 years ago at 8 years old.   Jag & Zara are my current beloved GSD’s. I rescued Jag from a young couple who got into more than they realized with a Shepherd. I suspect they may have hit him and had no time for him which caused “severe anxiety.” He also came with his ears full of black junk & a flaky dull coat. I went right to work 5 years ago at getting him healthy.   To speed forward on Jag, I tried allot for anxiety & I will say CBD oil helped some. I suspect, even though he came with his papers, which means nothing, there was some backyard breeding going on. Lack of nutrition from the mom to start with. His ears cleared up allot, but I never could get them totally free of “black junk”, just cleaning them good every 2 weeks. I’ve taken him off CBD oil & he is on 2 AGE Pills per day, 1 in the am & 1 in the pm. His anxiety has subsided & his ears are 100% cleared up. He had soft poop for the first week, just his system clearing out toxins.   Zara, I got from a lady who breeds GSD’s for the police departments. However, I got her after the economic crash. I think what happened is she was doing well before the crash, selling her dogs to the police departments, and she was planning for that, but had too many pups at one point afterwards & she fell on hard economic times also. Zara was a “runt” and she gave me Zara in exchange for brushing & bathing her 22 makes & females. Zara was 3 months old but she was full of worms when I got her & it took 3 months to clear them out. She’s always had a funky stomach. I had to change foods until I could get the right one, she gets homemade bone broth everyday. No matter what, she goes up & down with a funny tummy! She gets 1 AGE Pill per day. It seems like that’s perfect for her but I may try going up to 2. Her tummy has cleared up & she has not had tummy upsets or extreme soft poop once in a while since the AGE pill. Because she’s short legged, I have to be careful of her weight as she ages, on her hips. I measure their food. Since the AGE Pill, she has that indentation from her hip to her back belly like she should have. She also had a week of clearing out her system with very soft poop when I first started the AGE Pill, but now her poop is perfect. As they say, you can always tell the health of a person or dog in the appearance of their poop. 😁  Jag is the Black GSD, Zara the sable GSD, hopefully you can see the indentation if Zara from the hip to her body, this is the best it’s been. They do get exercise everyday also.

Tom Mower - Age Pill for Animals


TSX and AGE Pill for Animals by Tom Mower  Telomeres work in animals and even in plants by the same process. The longevity of Stem Cells is directly correlated to the length of the telomeres. Loss of telomeres is directly rated to age and aging. Stem cells can rebuild new replacement cells throughout the entire body. which can greatly improve health, increase energy and lifespan as it regrows the cells/body tissue components within the person to grow them younger both in appearance, health, energy, longevity. It is the same in animals. RECAP. Telomeres and Stem Cells work to make new stem cells over time if the telomeres are not maintained or rebuilt the rate of duplication slows down to where they become scenescent. To increase telomeres is very important/vital to longevity. These longer telomeres then allows the Stem Cells to duplicate at a faster rate. Since aging is not a disease but a condition based upon the rate of decay, toxins and degeneration due to producing less replacement cells than you are losing; it can be treated as a condition. (Think of it as a moisturizer will replentish dry skin to being soft again) Concisely said aging can be slowed down if more cells are produced and the decay is eliminated or counteracted. The result is not anti-aging to a large degree but in reality seems to be a "Regeneration of Youth".

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