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All our Poducts come from NATURAL Plants not CHEMICAL Plants !!!

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Keith Wilkins and Yvonne North -Toowoomba - QLD- Australia

Keith Wilkins is a 3 Star Master Global leader and Yvonne North is a 1 Star Master Global Leader . 

Our main interests are helping and educating people about a new way to improve a persons health while at the same time helping their financial well being.  We both are committed to the Mower Mission and our goal is to share the Sisel health and wealth opportunity with as many people as possible.

Our goal is to be the healthiest longest living couple who were born in 1949 in the world with the support of SISEL International's age reversal products.  We are full time Sisel Distributors with no slide lines.  

We started using Sisel products on the 12th October 2017.  The first thing we noticed was the increase in energy.  We also realised that we had made the right decision about joining Sisel.  We have more strength and flexibility in our bodies.  

We are so happy with the products, not only for the results achieved but also for the most wonderful feelings of wellness and vitality.  We both function with so much more energy and vigour that we can take on the world!

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About Sisel International

Sisel International was founded in 2006 by Tom Mower, Senior, and his son, Tom Junior. Their mission is to create the most powerful personal care products and dietary supplement company in the world.  The name SISEL, (pronounced “sizzle”) is an acronym for Science, Innovation, Success, Energy, and Longevity. These are the key foundational principles for the company.  Sisel International conduct extensive scientific research to discover exciting new formulas for all of our cutting-edge products. Sisel is committed to using only the most organic, efficacious ingredients and to achieve maximum results.

If you've ever wondered how it is Sisel can provide the most affordable products.

SISEL pronounced SIZZLE really WORKS!!!

SISEL is the What Does Sisel Stand For?  

S – Science  Each and every product produced by the Mowers is based upon solid science. That’s why we always say, “Trust Sisel, trust the science.”  

I – Innovation  Every product we formulate must be innovative. We don’t dwell on the past, instead, we have committed our R&D to make products that will improve the future for all people.  

S – Success  We have designed and implemented one of the best compensation plans ever known in the history of direct sales. We firmly believe that we will provide our Distributors with everything they need to become incredibly successful financially.  

E – Energy  Our compensation plan combined with our amazing science-based products work together to produce the energetic inertia required to propel our products and people to the top of the MLM business.  

L – Longevity  We strongly believe in longevity – both in our products and in our people. We have formulated some of the very best products that will work to keep consumers feeling younger for longer. We also strive to continually update our product lines so that the Sisel name is always at the cutting-edge of innovation and formulation.

The Mower Mission

Learn what motivated the Mower family to create the Mower Mission, an all-natural philosophy of formulating and manufacturing products that are safe, effective and environmentally sound. Hear directly from Sisel Co-Founders, Tom Mower, Sr. and Tom Mower, Jr. about how they decided to take a stand against chemical and toxin-laced consumer products and start a company that changed the world.